Justin & Kanye Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

I saw this picture on someone’s Tumblr – I think it was TwoFishWorld, but I don’t remember. Anyway, I love this pic! Black on White! Justin, one of my favorite names because most Justin’s are pretty damn hot!

I’ve always thought Justin was a fucking little hottie and then I saw the naked pics of him, while on vacation…omg! Oh, and great photoshop. Ha! And I just noticed the watermark. Great! gaycelebrityedits.tumblr.com.

Grr! I just visited the site and he asks for no reposting. I don’t get it! He has watermarked the hell out of the pic. Whatever! You can find the pic here as long as his account is active.

I just checked my link and it does not work…however, if your follow this link, and the guy has not updated his blog, then you will see the pic. I have downloaded in case the new link breaks again. You just can’t rely on others!

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